11 Ways to Empower Planet Earth

“What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all of life on earth.” - Sir David Attenborough

  1. Replace paper towels with cloth towels. You may not be able to 100% stop using paper towels right away but slowing down on how much you use them will minimize the amount of waste created in your household.


2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
These three words are huge in the green community. Have you ever heard of scrap metal shops or facilities? These shops are businesses whose main principle is to re-use, repurpose, and remake scrap metal; among other recyclable materials and they may be operated as for profit or non profit. Here are some of the things that scrap metal shops can assist you with disposing of responsibly while putting some money in your pocket.
- Cans, think of all the waste you will avoid creating by simply recycling cans. - Wires of all kinds: electric wires, cable cords, extensions, old Christmas lights.
- Furniture made out of any metal (patio furniture benches etc) 
Check out the best scrap metal facility in the Houston area for more information and tell them we sent you L&F Metals in Pasadena, TX.


3. Electronics are a bad thing to sit in the landfill because of the batteries and internal components. Look for community events allowing you to “dump” electronics for proper disposal or organizations who specialize in these disposals. Here is a good one, Call 2 Recycle.


4. Reduce the amount of water being used in your household by not wasting or misusing water. Monitor faucet time, if you aren’t using it turn it all the way off. Aim for shorter showers. Small changes such as checking the weather before washing your vehicle, we all know it's a waste to wash your car if it will rain the next day. Stop watering your lawn daily, a healthy lawn only needs to be watered two to three times a week.


5. Take care of wildlife by following rules and regulations when visiting wild reservations and national parks.

5 Golden Rules for Visiting National Parks


6. Donate old clothes, shoes and household goods to local thrift stores. Also consider refurbished furniture and shopping at thrift stores for yourself.

7. Reduce the amount you spend behind the wheel of your fuel burning vehicle. Hitch a ride, ride a bike, take a walk or telecommute.

5 Stats About Telecommuting’s Environmental Impact

8. Go vegetarian as often as possible.

According to Adria Vasil, author of Ecoholic: When You're Addicted to the Planet , eating 20 percent less meat is the equivalent of switching from a sedan to a Prius. Try starting with Meatless Mondays like Paul McCartney.


9. Support film projects that promote positive environmental change and planet earth conservation.

HoAR Faves:

Dynasties on Amazon Prime by Sir David Attenborough

Our Planet on Netflix by World Wildlife Fund narrated by Sir David Attenboroug

Earth by Lil Dicky


10. Choose all natural/eco-friendly beauty products. Refinery 29 has an awesome Guide to Eco-Friendly Beauty.

Guide to Eco-Friendly Beauty

Local Houston make up artist, Brandie Seifert owns a vegan, eco-friendly brand. Try them and use code HIPPIEIZZY for 5% off your purchases.

Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics


11. Get involved in community outreach events. The Great American Cleanup its a great resource for locating green events near you.

Great American Cleanup

For more on how to get involved follow the great environmentalist Leonardo Dicaprio’s Instagram for current environmental content. Sign all his petitions!!!!

Without a planet we will have no place for chaos, fighting, but most importantly life.


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