Museum of Ice Cream: San Francisco


Let’s talk ice cream. I am not going to lie, it’s not my favorite dessert but somehow experiencing the Museum Of Ice Cream in San Francisco has persuaded me to re-evaluate my taste buds.

From beginning to end, it is a sweet high end experience at a fair price I would say. The museum is deliciously organized to enamore the eye and please the palette.

The fun starts the minute you start your tour. You are encouraged to play, touch, take your time and flex for the Gram (Instagram) without shame. A modern Willy Wonka playground.

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This Museum is truly a masterpiece, I saw it on high profile Instagrams (Beyoncé,The Kardsahian/Jenner’s and big bloggers), so I've always wondered what the fuzz was about? What creative Director and Founder Maryellis Bunn has done is brought to life an experiential installation inspired by ice cream and her childhood dreams of jumping into a pool of sprinkles. You will taste and live her dream out loud. I for one am grateful for her commitment to sharing her dream with the world. <3

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The staff is beyond friendly, welcoming and warm. They are the warmest treat in the museum. We were welcomed by people who truly love ice cream, fun and other people. I was skeptical since I’ve had bad experiences with popular trendy establishments before.

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Our tickets were free so I felt a little self-conscious. The museum offered free tickets to personnel affected by the 2019 Government Shutdown.


My family and I were treated like a sweet scoop of pistachio ice cream. They made us feel as important as their paying costumers.


You will start with Maryellis’ dreamy pool of sprinkles and move on to multiple exhibits, all adult and children friendly. Their exhibitions are remarkable not only for the fun they radiate but the knowledge on Ice Cream. Don’t be afraid to ask your hosts about each exhibit and enjoy every treat they serve you. Calories don’t count here. ;)

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My favorite was of course the unicorn exhibit. The two beautiful unicorns are named Gloria and Harvey. In honor of Gloria Steinem (political activist, human rights activist, spokeswoman for American Feminist movement and a real badass) and Harvey Milk (political activist, human rights activist, gay rights activist and also a real badass).  


A museum that stimulates your child’s senses, encourages to live out the happiest of the dreams, honors some of the most valuable humans in history, and is just so pretty it seems unreal. If you are in the San Francisco area, I suggest you make reservations.


“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” - Tom Robbins

The money you spend here is well spent. An experience you’ll never want to forget. “Designed for the feeling, not for the photograph” but do whatever makes you happy and take the picture is the vibe at Museum of Ice Cream SF. Be a child again indulging in cold sweet treats while jumping in a pool full of sprinkles without any adult bullshit stress. Do I need to say more?

For more information on this wonderful place check them out.

PS- keep in mind that the exhibits do rotate.

The Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco



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